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Waving farewell to my job, and hello to a new one

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Today is my last day as a Rumbler.

After a year and nine months of working with the amazing team at Rumble Labs, I am moving on to pastures new.

I joined the team after completing my degree in Interactive Multimedia Design, starting work two days before my graduation in July 2013. Being Rumble’s first (and still only) female hire, I earned the affectionate nickname “Number One Girl in Rumble.” Thanks, Steven! ;)

Rumble’s open and collaborative culture was the perfect place for me to grow as a designer and developer, as it encouraged knowledge sharing, pair programming and generally just helping teammates when you can. When Mark & I weren’t exchanging Nicki Minaj gifs, we’d often be found sat side-by-side, working together on a project. This helped us work out problems more efficiently, and I usually picked up a nifty development trick while I was there.

The Rumble Lads I'm going to miss the Rumble Lads!

My education at Rumble wasn’t limited to design and code. Luckily I had Simon there to teach me the art of wine swirling, and with countless matches during the annual Rumbledon Tournament, I went from terrible to mediocre at playing table tennis.

My friendships with the Rumble lads extend outside of the office, as we’ve made some brilliant memories during various work events, Design Department photography trips and during the Rumble London trip last year!

A Design Department photography day out A Design Department photography day out

I’m so happy to have been part of such a super team and having the opportunity to work on plenty of interesting client and internal projects, and share an office (and a Hipchat room) with such talented and hilarious people.

So thank you for everything Rumble! I’ll really miss working with you guys, though I know we’ll still be getting together for regular catch ups.

So, what now?

I’m deighted to announce that next week I’ll be starting my new job with the awesome team at Eyekiller. I’m very excited to dive into my UX and design role and get to know my new colleagues, and hopefully make some more great friends!

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