Rebranded and refreshed

A new look for my personal website and branding

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

A couple of months ago I felt the overwhelming urge to update my personal website. I didn’t feel like the style of my site reflected me or my work anymore, plus I just wanted an excuse to experiment with some new ideas I had.

I also wanted to refresh my personal branding with something with a bit more personality that better represents me. I knew the right person to help me with this, fellow designer at Eyekiller and my desk neighbour, Julie McClements!

A new brand

Julie is always impressing me with her creative touch on everything she designs, from websites to wedding invites! We bounced a few ideas off each other and shared Pinterest boards before coming up with some nice ideas for the logo. She presented me with various concepts within days and after a little refining of our favourite concept, I had a finished logo.

I’m really chuffed with the final outcome, Julie really hit the nail on the head for me. When thinking of a graphical element that I could use to represent me, I focused on my nationality. My father is dutch and my surname “Keizer” isn’t too common in this neck of the woods. A clog fits in perfectly with the dutch theme, so we ran with that idea for my brand. I also wanted something that represented me as a creative, as both a designer and a photographer, so the whimsical typeface she used was perfect.

My new branding The awesome branding created by my talented friend Julie McClements

Check out more of Julie’s work on her Facebook page!

A new website

It’s funny how it seems to be much easier to settle on a design for a client website, but when it comes to your own, it’s a different story! I now have countless Sketch files with an array of designs that didn’t make the cut, though it was fun to play around with different layouts and styles.

I finally arrived at a design that I was happy with. I love the use of large serif typefaces on websites and chose “FF Meta Serif” for my titles and for the main body text as it’s comfortable to read. I accompanied this with the sans-serif typeface “Montserrat” to tie in with my logo’s strapline. I kept the design fairly minimal, with a black, white and yellow colour palette and many of my photos used throughout.

My new website A fresh look for my personal website

As for the build, I used my favourite framework Jekyll as a basis for my site. It’s blog aware, uses files and folders instead of a database, uses markdown for blog posts and makes it easy to build and maintain various page templates with templating language Liquid.

Keep shipping

My aim for the next couple of months is to populate the site with more rich content, in particular, case studies of some of the interesting web and UX projects I’ve worked on this year. For now, I just wanted to ship a site that felt a little more me.

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