First Newborn Photoshoot

A little session with baby Amelie

Posted on Oct 3, 2015

A few weeks ago I took some portraits of a little human named Amelie. This was my very first newborn photoshoot, so after a few chats with Amelie’s Mum about what she’d like, along with a little Pinterest research, we set a date to do the shoot.

The heat and multiple feeds made little Amelie very sleepy The heat and multiple feeds made little Amelie very sleepy

Amelie was only 11 days old, tiny and very cute. Her mother Sarah had the heating in the house on blast so that she wouldn’t be cold as we lay her out on blankets to take her portrait (pro tip!).

Baby Amelie Eleven day old Amelie

We tried a few different setups, including placing her in a wicker basket, curled up beside a few of her favourite cuddly toys and the “infinity blanket”. The latter involved draping a large blanket over the sofa a pillow, held in place with a few clothes-pegs.

Baby Amelie Amelie in a wicker blanket and in the infinity blanket setup

The shoot was a little more challenging than what Pinterest would have you believe. During the two hour shoot we paused for a few feedings and clean-ups, but little Amelie was a pleasure to shoot and proved to be very photogenic. I was very happy I had the chance to take Amelie’s portraits and there’s no better feeling when a client tells you how happy they are with the photos! :)

Footnotes: All images shot with Sony A580 35mm f/1.8

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