UI/UX Design & Development

I specialise in front-end development and the design of user experiences, apps and websites

I make responsive websites The website I designed for TM3 A Card Sorting UX workshop I held at The Mac The website I designed for Vela Usability testing at The Mac The website I designed for Hannath

By day I work as a UX Designer at TheAppBuilder in Belfast. I also take on web design projects in my free time, helping small businesses to transform their online presence.

I design interfaces and websites

The process starts with a brand, a client brief and a kick-off meeting. From there, I grab some paper and a pencil and begin sketching my wireframes. Following this, I move to my favourite design tool, Sketch, to create the wireframes digitally. Once the wireframes have been tested and approved, I apply the visual layer. This is when I get creative with colours, typography and imagery. You can see some of my design work on Dribbble.

I fight for the user

There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website and running into obstacles when trying to complete simple tasks like buying tickets or finding specific information. I work to make sure users can move seamlessly through a website and complete tasks like these with ease.

To do this, I carry out various user testing and research from the beginning of each project. From card sorting workshops and tree-testing to determine the best structure for the content, to conducting usability tests with people using website prototypes I’ve created using Invision.

I code

After finalising the designs, it’s time to bring them to life with HTML, CSS and Javascript. For personal or freelance projects, I love working with static-site generator Jekyll and occasionally dabble in PHP-based CMS Kirby.

You can read about my past work experience of designing and building websites on LinkedIn.