A little bit about me

Hey, my name is Melissa Keizer and I’m a Dutch/Northern Irish mongrel based in sunny Bangor, NI.

Me and my little scruff Matisse
My cute little hamster
Just a regular day
Dutch roots

I began my venture into the tech and design industry in 2009 when I joined University of Ulster's Interactive Multimedia Design course, and in 2013 I graduated with first class honours. I'm currently Senior Product Designer at Rotor, where we aim to help musicians make quality music, lyric and promo videos easily. But hey, that's nothing you couldn't garner from scanning over my Linkedin profile.

What you might not know is that I'm a huge animal lover, an avid audiobook listener and I'm super competitive when it comes to Inflatapark. I enjoy spending my weekends finding new places to explore and new eating places to try, or going to a local comedy club for endless laughs. I also like running along Bangor's pretty coastline and lifting weights whilst making weird faces.

I'll quite often be taking photos too. I love a photography session involving animals, and when my dog, Matisse, and my hamster, Eckles, are bored of posing for me, I'll find new creatures to photograph. I also work with clients to photograph a range of things, from local events and people, to food and restaurant interiors. I especially love a shoot involving people and their pets, so do contact me if you're interested in pet photography session.

More recently I've become very interested in the world of psychology, personal development, habits and mental health. Some books that have made a positive impact on me this year include Essentialism, Happy, Why We Sleep and Can’t Hurt Me. I love nothing more than having a great conversation about these things over a cuppa. Oh and Fleabag. Let's talk about Fleabag.